Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet Lee Pace who plays Garrett, one of the American Nomads.

Lee Pace
Lee Pace is an American actor. He is known best for his starring role as Ned in the ABC series Pushing Daisies for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe award and a Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 2008. He has recently been cast as Garrett in The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn.

Garett, a nomad vampire you’ll meet in Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn when it hits theatres in November 2011. You can also remember him from the book as the one of Edward Cullen’s friends with a sandy hair that he keeps tied back with a leather thong. Garrett is also penned as being down-to-earth, laid-back, rugged and having a lightness and element of humor about him.

About Garett
Turned during the Revolutionary War, Garrett has chosen to live a nomadic existence, wandering the world on his own. Garrett has never lost the rebellious spirit of his human life, and loves a good fight, always rooting for the underdog. Though not a vegetarian, Garrett is among Carlisle’s closest and oldest friends.

Hear all about it in this brief video from Lee Pace, who plays the patriot Garrett in Breaking Dawn

The final chapter of The Twilight Saga will be released in two parts, with the first tentatively scheduled to hit theaters November 18, 2011 and the second following a year later on November 16, 2012.


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